Ebay Integration

EBay can be the key to online success for some companies, with a multibillion dollar market eBay provides a low cost and effective way of marketing ones products online. With over 5 years of EBay sales experience we have a vast amount of expertice in eBay marketing, logistics and API integration.

EBay Marketing and Optimization

To maximize sales on eBay certain marketing techniques must be utilized. Selling on eBay is also about minimizing eBay fees; eBay fees for any successful seller will amount to hundreds or even thousands of dollars a month. When we setup your eBay store and sales platform we will ensure your listings are fully optimized to achieve maximum success at the lowest possible cost.

EBay Integration and Automation

We provide full eBay integration which will allow you to efficiently and effectively tap into the eBay market. Rather than dealing directly with the eBay site our software automates many eBay functions and combines all tasks in one easy to use backend. If you have an ecommerce website as well as an eBay store then integration will centralize data entry and orders so you don’t have to waste time dealing with multiple platforms.

Some EBay Tips to Live by:

  • Utilize effective keywords in auction titles. When a user searches for a product eBay searches based on the title of the auction. You can only write up to 55 characters in this title so make sure you use each word wisely and include keywords that eBay users are likely to search for.
  • Keep abreast of competition. EBay is a very competitive market where users can easily comparison shop, before selling an item on eBay, search for it on eBay and see what the competition is doing. You can often get good ideas on how to give yourself a competitive advantage.
  • List more often. This does not apply to all items you sell, or all types of products, but often listing your products more often will increase sales. The goal is to be high in the search results at all times, so do a search for your item and if there are tons of people listing it, then you may need to list more often to get noticed. However, listing on eBay costs money, so only if the sales are high enough to warrant more marketing should a product be listed more often. Our eBay integration packages automate daily listing for you, this allows you to set how many times per week a product is listed on eBay.
  • List on weekends. If you are listing a 7-day auction listing, then you want the most visitors to your listing in the final hours of your auction. EBay has more users browsing on weekends so rather than listing on a Tuesday at 9am when everyone will be at work, list on a Sunday evening.
  • Be fee conscious. Know your eBay fees and try to minimize them (EBay.com Fees). By doing things such as listing items for 9.99 rather than 10.50, you can decrease your insertion fees and thereby improve your bottom line.
  • When consulting on eBay projects and integration packages we utilize these and many more principles.